1. May Waltz

From the recording May Waltz

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Released May 1, 2020

Written by Barbara Shaw (c) 2020

We started recording this song in February, 2019 (along with several other new songs) and did the final mix this past February, 2020. It will be officially released to the world (fittingly) on May 1.
This song is #5 in a series of original ShoreGrass waltzes, a waltz for every month of the year. Each one was written during the month itself and summons up the mood and sights of that month in New England. #12 - December Waltz has previously been released on the ShoreGrass album "Going Home," which you can find below.
Barbara Shaw: songwriter, guitar, lead vocals; Frank Shaw: banjo, baritone vocals; Paul Pozzi: mandolin, tenor vocals; Eben Salter: lead guitar; Rick Brodsky: bass, Dobro; Paul Opalach: recording engineer at Long Hill Recording.


May Waltz

One day in Maytime when flowers are a’bloomin’
I’ll walk with my darlin’ along the garden wall
Away from the troubles that follow all around us
On a sweet holiday from it all.

Tulips / will bounce in the breeze of walking by
Pansies, azaleas and pinks will greet our eye
Tomorrow will creep in the night while we are sleeping
But this day in May will be fine.

Winter is over and summer is a’comin’
But Springtime is sweeter because it is so fleet
A petal, a cloudburst, a ray of simple sunshine
Can make my day so complete.

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