From the recording Battle of Ossippee

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Released 2011

Written by Frank and Barbara Shaw © 2009

Frank Shaw: Banjo, lead vocals
Barbara Shaw: Rhythm guitar, tenor vocals, bass
Jim Sherlock: Lead guitar

This song was co-written by Frank and Barbara Shaw at their campsite in the pouring rain at the Ossipee Bluegrass Festival in Maine on 7/25/2009. They were longing to go home and feeling burdened by the weather and circumstances, resulting in a song that summons up the mood of a dying colonial soldier dreaming of home.


Under Maine pines where no sun shines
Far away from home
Rain is falling, home is calling
Feeling so alone.

Soon the dawn will bring tomorrow
Maybe then to go
Where the heart lies under warm skies
Where the home fires glow.

Comes the dawn to guide the spirit
Angels lead the way
Voices singing, can you hear it?
Nearly home today.

Battle over, weary rover
Win or lose or die
Peaceful rest, forever blessed
Under God’s blue sky.

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